Oh hey there friend!

Can we be real for a minute?

I'm not much of a foodie. 

I love a great meal as much as anybody, (and in Paris that's basically all of my meals), but finding and consuming good food and drink it is not my raison d'être. There are thousands of dedicated bloggers and professionals who are experts on the best places to eat and drink in Paris, and I am not one of them. 

I built this map when I was a full-time tour guide because it was easier to write down this little url than rattle off a bunch of restaurant names when somebody wanted a recommendation. But I don't do much guiding any longer, and this page got lonely. So here we are.

This is not a trendy, up to the minute list of Paname's hottest culinary scene.

It's just a selection of places I like, and patronize, with an emphasis on French cuisine. 

A gold star denotes an Anna Favourite. The other symbols should be pretty self-explanatory. 

Bon appetit! 



  • The prices of food and drink can change depending where you are: the terrace is the most expensive, and standing at the bar is the least. 
  • If you order wine, somebody in your party will be invited to taste it. If you aren't much of a wine pro, just pretend you know what you are doing, sip, nod and say “Oui, tres bien merci”.
  • In my opinion, Cote du Rhone is a good safe bet for red wine. I’ve never had a bad one. (I’ve never had an amazing one either). Bordeaux is pretty heavy, Burgandy tends to be lighter. For white, I always go for Chinon or Sancerre, and in summer I, and the rest of Paris, pretty much exclusively drink rosé
  • As a rule of thumb, the darker pink the rosé, the sweeter it will be.
  • Tipping is appreciated but not obligatory. 5% is a reasonable amount, and I always tip unless I’ve got really bad service, but not tipping is OK.
  • If you get seriously bad service, leave a 1c piece. It means “You were awful. A curse upon your house”
  • You’ll get seated quickly, get your menu quickly, get our meal quickly and then be largely left alone. Your bill may take an incredibly long time to appear. I can’t explain this phenomenon. Only anglos would dream of walking up to the bar with their bill to pay.
  • It’s very normal to split bills. 10 people can pay separately each with a credit card if they choose. It’s great. 10€ minimum is pretty standard.
  • If a restaurant says they sell Paris-based Berthillion ice-cream, its likely to be a quality place because they are very selective about their distribution. It's a handy secret code for good eateries. 
  • The shorter the menu the better the food is likely to be, and only tourist-traps advertise the languages they speak alongside the food.