My Life, On A Bike

"Studies have found that people who cycle are smarter, more sexually attractive and better at assembling furniture than those that don't. "

- John Lennon

Riding to work on the first nice day of the year.

Trying to hold a track stand at the traffic lights.

When a stranger compliments you on your bike.

When people say "But there are Vélibs... why do you need a bike?"

When you get to the top of Montmartre.

Riding around Etoile at rush hour.

When the only Vélib left has a broken seat post that won't stay up.

Docking your Vélib in one shot (well, almost...)

Going for a test ride after "making some adjustments".

When somebody locks their bike... to yours.


When a 14 year old on a scooter tries to cut you off.

When somebody steals, or vandalizes your bike.

and then...

"All men must die"

"All men must die"

When you forget where you locked up after 6 hours at the café.

... and riding home once you eventually locate it.

When you see a guy casually ride past you at Opèra on a giant Pennyfarthing.

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When you see other riders slogging it out in the dirt and rain, day in day out, because despite everything... you know that cycling in Paris is still one of the best things in the world.


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