One Month in China: The Biggest Mistakes I've Made so Far


Published in The Beijinger, September 11, 2018

I never expected to end up in China, but once the opportunity to move to Beijing was on the table, I began researching the city, the people, and the culture right away. I've now survived one entire month, but despite all of my careful planning, I have still managed to do a lot of silly things. Here are the biggest mistakes that I've made so far. ...

  1. Not downloading apps in advance

You don't realize how hopelessly dependent you are on your phone and apps until you move to a country in which practically none of them work. While I knew that Google and Instagram wouldn't be available to me (not without a little cunning, anyway), I didn't give much thought to downloading a translator app, public transport app, or even an online map. If you run an Android phone and use the Google Play store this is even more of an issue, as you'll need to turn to an alternative app marketplace. Don't make the same mistake I did: before you arrive, take note of what apps you use on the regular and research alternatives…

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